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Business Management Consultant 


Business Strategy & Targeted Revenue Growth Advisory

Outsourced Workforce & AI Implementation 

Negotiation & Procurement Consultant

Business Advisory 

We empower businesses to achieve their full potential by offering tailored solutions to address unique challenges. From strategic planning and organizational restructuring to process optimization and leadership development, our services are designed to drive growth, enhance efficiency and maximize profitability 

Outsourcing & AI

 Outsourcing: We help you save on workforce costs by managing your outsourced strategy and resources.  

AI: We help organizations identify the most promising AI technologies to improve day-to-day business operations and solve problems including process automation, supply chain optimization and in-depth data analysis




 Stop leaving money on the table. Our negotiation experts help you maximize value in every deal. We offer strategic planning, in-the-moment deal coaching, and customized training to enhance your team's negotiation power.




Services & Platform


Business Advisory

  • Strategy & Corporate Finance

  • Growth, Marketing and Sales

  • Implementation & Operations

  • People and Org. Performance 

  • Transformation & Change


Outsourcing & AI

  • Fully or partially manage outsourced strategy and resources

  • AI Strategy Development



  • Negotiation Strategy Development

  • Direct Negotiation Support

  • Pricing & Contracts

  • Should Cost Modeling 

  • Market Intel & Benchmarks


Led outsourcing strategy at Fortune 50 company saving millions


Implemented platform solution for flexible work leading to millions in savings


Developing strategy to support billion dollar category that surpassed profit target by hundreds of millions of dollars


Defined contracting model for adaptive workforce leading to millions savings


Consulted on corporate restructuring strategy of mid-size firm


Grew billion dollar category  by negotiating improved contracts and terms

Negotiated favorable IP ownership and licensing terms during co-development of new technology​


Implemented enterprise level contract and preferred supplier programs  

Implemented AI tests and programs for small businesses 

Why Us?

Cost Savings 

Reduce operations and resources cost by at least 30%

Adaptive Operations 

Easily adjust operation cost and workforce based on strategy  

Stay in tune and incorporate AI & new technologies 

Strategic Alignment 

Align your workforce with the most strategic work 




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